Pyrolysis Unit

  • Clean and simple continuous feed operation
  • 2 pyrolysis reactors, (multi stage reactor)
  • Thermal ceramic lined furnace
  • Heat Sensors for core reactors
  • Variable speed drive
  • Variable operating temperatures 2 electric motors
  • BFD motor speed control for electric motors
  • Support framing to hold reactors
  • Piping for connecting all included items
  • Auxiliary syngas burner (flare)
  • Electrical will include panels for controls, motors and other items installed on system Nominal biomass conversion up to 200Kg/Hr
  • Condensation system to collect condensables to wood vinegar and pyroligneous acids
  • Syngas combustion chamber with waste heat capture
  • Rugged design for durability
  • Very few wearing parts
  • Low cost replacement part
  • Designed to handle a variety of feedstock

Pyrolysis vs Gasification

  • Genesis Industries utilizes a true pyrolysis process to make our biochar. Using pyrolysis is preferable to gasification machines because burning the biomass using gasification deteriorates the honeycomb structure that is created during pyrolysis on biomass feedstocks. The reason to maintain the honeycomb structure at a microscopic level is that biochar acts as a “house” for symbiotic beneficial microbes, bacteria, and better storage of nutrients. If this house structure is weakened or destroyed during the gasification process, then it becomes less effective. Pyrolysis is also a cleaner, more efficient method of manufacturing biochar. Gasification is designed to make energy first and then sell the leftovers. Pyrolysis processes vary, but we’ve designed our machine to make the best biochar first and energy second.